Second Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd

About Us

Second Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd was established in 2013 as a private company under the motive of upgrading the living standards of South African citizens through various construction activities at a profit. At the hub of its foundation is the member, Mr Larry Mangwale who was born and raised in previously disadvantaged communities. Mr Lekubu Mangoale has joined the company after realizing the potential of the business has decided to finance the business as to capacitate the business financially. Having realized a growing demand in construction services and diversified technical projects within South Africa after a thorough research, the owner of the said enterprise perceived the establishment of this enterprise as the solution to this predicament.

The business deals in the provision of various supplies and servicing of lifting equipment activities its clients in Limpopo Province and Gauteng and its surroundings, to cater for a diversified taste of its clientele e.g. mining industry and construction sector. Second Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd is sourced through direct contacts with clients, contract arrangements, government tenders and through any possible means that our clients might deem necessary.


Second Lifting Equipment (Pty) Ltd.'s vision is to be a leader in providing high quality, second-to-none supply and servicing of lifting equipment and load testing of chain blocks that fall within the scope of its legally operational activities.


“Our intention is to make this business a specialist in providing affordable services and products that meets international standards. It is our strategic goal to create employment and hence alleviate poverty, in the process of doing business. It is our mission to generate employment amongst the unemployed youths though non-discriminative means in respect of disabilities, gender, colour or races. Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is on the centre of our existence. We also believe in Employee satisfaction as it is critical for our success.”