Chain Blocks

What is a Chain Block?

A Chain Block is a device used to use a chain to lift and lower heavy loads. Two wheels that the chain is wrapped around include chain blocks. It winds around the wheels as the chain is pulled, and begins to lift the object that is attached via a hook to the rope or chain. To lift the load more uniformly, Chain Blocks may also be linked to lifting slings or chain bags.

How Does a Chain Block Work?

A lifting chain, a hand chain and a grasping hook are included in A Chain Block. Using electricity, most chain blocks are powered, but manual chain blocks can also be used. First, through the grabbing hook, the chain block needs to be attached to the load.

Then the chain tightens its grip on the wheel as the hand chain is pulled and forms a loop within the mechanism, creating a pressure that raises the load from the ground.

What is a Chain Block used for?

Chain blocks are widely used in garages because of their lifting capacities, where they are able to quickly detach engines from vehicles. Since one person can run them, Chain Blocks are a wonderfully successful way to finish jobs that would have taken more than two employees to do.

Chain Blocks are often used on building sites where loads can be raised from higher floors, in assembly line factories to move products from and to the belt, and sometimes even from difficult terrain to winch vehicles.

Chain blocks are ideal for a wide range of operations in a number of different capacities.