Proof Load Testing of Lifting Equipment

Yield strength is a material property describing the highest internal stress in a material that an item could achieve without permanently deforming.

Ultimate strength describes the internal stresses at a load that would cause failure.

Almost all codes require an engineer to use the yield strength for design except in cases like fall protection. In this scenario, it is common to see ultimate strength used in conjunction with a high loading scenario and the requirement to re-inspect after it's been loaded. It is important to keep in mind that many high tensile materials such as quenched, tempered or high carbon steels have a narrow band between yield, ultimate and transition causing permanent bending to breaking very quickly.


Manila Rope

Manila rope is a strong natural fibre rope. Manila rope is a good all-round performer which will stretch very little and is very resistant to sunlight damage. It's great for use in the garden for trellis work, bordering, handrails for decking as well as swings and climbing and light pulling ropes .

Manila Rope was widely used by the military and is great for authentic dressing of old military vehicles etc - although not used as much now they still prefer Manila in a large 40mm diameter for climbing ropes for training & exercise use.

It has a strong tensile strength for natural fibres and is sunlight resistant and sturdy.

Nylon Rope

Nylon is the strongest of all ropes in common use. It is used for absorbing shock loads, such as when lifting or towing because it has the ability to return to it's original length after being stretched. It also has good abrasion resistance and can last several times longer than natural fibres. It is also resistant to oil and most chemicals. Like manila, nylon has good resistance to ultraviolet deterioration from sunlight. Nylon is ideal for use as bow-to-stern towing hawsers, surge lines, mountain climbing ropes, safety lines, lariat ropes, boat falls, drop hammer ropes, target tow rope, fishing ropes and industrial slings.

Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Ropes Stainless Steel Wire Ropes are an important part of our core product range. Providing high quality materials is an extremely important part of our ethos which is why our stainless-steel wire ropes are produced in accordance in high standards. Our ropes are used in demanding conditions and it is therefore vital that the tolerance and chemical composition of the material is up to requirements and standard. Applications and markets include: structural and architectural, balustrade, yacht rigging, lifting, load support and Stay Wire applications. All material is fully certified and has full traceability in line with our ISO9001 procedures.

Most wire ropes operate in demanding conditions and must resist crushing, bending fatigue and abrasion. We recognise that it is vital that all of our wire ropes need to perform to the highest levels to maximise service life therefore increasing productivity for the end user. With our technical experience we have worked hard with our partners to ensure that all material is manufactured to the very best standards in the steel wire rope industry. Each steel wire rope can be supplied fully assembled complete with end terminals such as a thimble eyes, swaged ends and wedge sockets as well as many other solutions. These cable assemblies are manufactured in house by our team of engineers complete to your specifications. All material is certified and has full traceability in line with our ISO9001 procedures.