Proof Load Testing of Lifting Equipment

Yield strength is a material property describing the highest internal stress in a material that an item could achieve without permanently deforming.

Ultimate strength describes the internal stresses at a load that would cause failure.

Almost all codes require an engineer to use the yield strength for design except in cases like fall protection. In this scenario, it is common to see ultimate strength used in conjunction with a high loading scenario and the requirement to re-inspect after it's been loaded. It is important to keep in mind that many high tensile materials such as quenched, tempered or high carbon steels have a narrow band between yield, ultimate and transition causing permanent bending to breaking very quickly.

Lifting Equipment

To complement our range of Cranes we also offer almost every type of Lifting Equipment, Gear and Accessories to assist with the rigging and lifting of light and heavy load. We have a large range of high quality industrial Lifting Equipment as well as economy ranges to suit every pocket.

Hoists, Lifting Slings, Magnets, Chains, Clamps, Shackles, Jacks and much more are supplied by us with superior quality.

Lifting Equipment is designed to be used in applications where the load is simply too heavy to be lifted by hand or where a load is to be regularly lifted and would otherwise cause strain on the person if frequently lifted by hand. We provide a solution to nearly every industrial, domestic and commercial application with specialist equipment that has been designed with a particular application in mind such as gear designed for use in confined spaces.

Making light work of heavy situations, Lifting Gear increases productivity and provides a safe and healthy alternative to lifting by hand.

Not only do we just supply, our services extend to inspection, testing and certification of all types and sizes of Lifting Gear and Equipment.